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The subject of procurement is to acquire a set of computer technology: desktop PCs, monitors, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, e-book reader, external drives, voice recorders, headphones and hard drives to backup data center.
Barnes and Noble Nook PS79 Another 6-inch e-book reader.
Finally, an e-book reader for less than the price of a new book.
Microsoft might also hope to tie in Skype videoconferencing to add a social connection for e-book readers, such as conferring on a college microbiology text, said Jack Gold, an analyst at J.
For a traveller, instead of carrying 30 to 50 books, all these books can be downloaded in a small e-book reader.
Intended to utilize the advantages of a tablet design while eliminating distractions such as texting, cameras or unapproved Web browsing, the Kineo, which uses Google's Android operating system, can also be used as an e-book reader.
20 May 2011 - Online retailing giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is enjoying dramatic growth in its book-selling operations thanks to surging sales of digital titles for its Kindle e-book reader, the Financial Times reported.
It will gradually be equally occupied by both content suppliers and e-book reader manufacturers.
At launch, customers will be able to purchase and enjoy e-books using seven of the latest smartphones and an e-book reader offered by DOCOMO: Xperia(TM), GALAXY S, REGZA Phone, LYNX 3D, Optimus chat, GALAXY Tab and SH-07C e-book reader (launching on January 21).
the ''au'' mobile phone operator, said Tuesday it will begin electronic book distribution service Saturday to offer about 20,000 titles at first for its e-book reader handset named biblio Leaf SP02.
Nasdaq: AAPL | PowerRating) launched iPad, the tablet computer has impacted the sales of Kindle, popular e-book reader produced by Amazon.
The firm also unveiled a new tablet device that combines an e-notepad and e-book reader as Taipei prepares to host Asia's biggest information technology trade fair.