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(eagle rays), a family of fishes of the order Batoidea. The rhomboid body has acute angles; the head is easily distinguished from the rest of the body. The tail resembles a long knout and, in some species, is equipped with dentate needles. There are five genera of eagle rays, embracing about 25 species. Some species measure as much as 2.5 m across and reach a length, including the tail, of 4.5 m. Eagle rays weigh up to 300 kg. They are ovoviviparous, producing six or seven young. The fishes are distributed in warm littoral waters of the World Ocean. They feed predominantly on mollusks. When eagle rays move, they wave their large fins and seem to fly in the water. Sometimes they leap to the surface and jump above the water. The flesh of eagle rays is edible, but the fishes are not commercially valuable.


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Media interested in meeting the baby sea dragons, spotted eagle ray pup and/or any other additional information may contact Bethany Marshall, Director of Marketing, Ripley's Entertainment at bmarshall@ripleys.
The acquisition of the Eagle Ray product suite further solidifies our position in the enterprise project management arena," explained Joel M.
Smith took an eagle ray estimated at 45lb and two stingray estimated at 60lb, all being released at the side of the boat.
In May, Mote researchers caught this spotted eagle ray in order to measure, tag and photograph it as part of a study of spotted eagle ray populations.
We studied a small artisanal fishery for the spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) off Margarita Island in northeastern Venezuela.
The local fishermen are perhaps not aware of the fact that eagle rays have been listed as 'Nearly Threatened and Vulnerable', as per the red list assessment of International Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
It's beautiful and there are eagle rays and giant turtles to see.
Conditions for snorkelling in the Maldives are ideal with crystal clear calm waters and scores of unusual sealife to ogle, from small white-tipped sharks and eagle rays through to colourful parrot fish and black and white fish I called the Chanel species, for their distinctive monochrome markings.
Surrounded by glass, the space is lined with benches that invite you to stay for a while as eagle rays and scores of technicolor fish soar overhead.
Dibba Rock is one of his favourites, as it includes an abundance of sea creatures including black tip sharks, eagle rays, devil rays, guitar sharks and stingrays.

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