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the ability of plants and animals to grow and develop rapidly. In plants earliness is determined by how rapid a state of biological and economic ripeness is attained. Earliness in animals is the reaching of physical, sexual, and economic maturity at an early age. Earliness is a hereditary character of certain plant species (lettuce, spinach, radish) and varieties (Kirghiz 16 and Early 12 winter wheat, Saratov 210 and Albidum 43 spring wheat, Bukovina 3TV corn, Number One Gribovskii 147 cabbage, Murom 36 cucumber) and of certain animal breeds (Jersey, Aberdeen-Angus, and Hereford cattle, Breitova and Livny swine, meat-and-fleece sheep breeds). Earliness depends on conditions of plant cultivation and on the feeding and maintenance of animals. It is developed by directed selection and culling.

In plants earliness is characterized by accelerated passage through the vegetative stages. In animals it involves a shortened gestation period, early replacement of milk teeth, rapid onset of sexual maturity, and large weight gains over short periods of time. Meat is obtained the soonest by fattening young animals of early maturing breeds. Earliness has economic significance. The cultivation of early ripening plant species and varieties results in a more productive use of land, since the same field may yield two harvests per season. When early maturing animals are raised, the turnover of the flock or herd is accelerated and a better return of products on feed is obtained.


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And here I may say that I have never to this day understood objections which were afterwards raised against my early attachment to print.
But paler and paler grew Martha by his side, till, like a corpse in its burial clothes, she sank down at the feet of her early lover; for, after many trials firmly borne, her heart could endure the weight of its desolate agony no longer.
Melville from early manhood indulged deeply in philosophical studies, and his fondness for discussing such matters is pointed out by Hawthorne also, in the 'English Note Books.
He began, at an early age, as a clerk, and served an apprenticeship of seven years, for which he received one hundred pounds sterling, was maintained at the expense of the company, and furnished with suitable clothing and equipments.
how eloquent, at least, were her wishes on the side of early warm attachment, and a cheerful confidence in futurity, against that over-anxious caution which seems to insult exertion and distrust Providence
We start early in the morning and have a long drive before us.
In these early days of her residence here Tess did not skim, but went out of doors at once after rising, where he was generally awaiting her.
It was in the early morning stillness, when his muscles were swinging to their familiar task and his lungs expanding with long draughts of mountain air, that Ethan did his clearest thinking.
Philip woke early next morning, and his first thought was of Mildred.
I should keep well within the limit of that early excess now, and should not liken the creation of Shakespeare to the creation of any heavenly body bigger, say, than one of the nameless asteroids that revolve between Mars and Jupiter.
In truth, we have had instances of workmen, who, through long, large, [108] devoted study of the handiwork of the past, have done the thing better, with a more fully enlightened consciousness, with full intelligence of what those early workmen only guessed at.
I awoke early on the third morning after my return from Ashby Park--the sun was shining through the blind, and I thought how pleasant it would be to pass through the quiet town and take a solitary ramble on the sands while half the world was in bed.