early memories

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early memories

We expect the billions of storage cells in our computer's memory to work hours on end without failing. Little do most people realize that it took a half century to develop memory technologies to where they are today. Following are some of the first internal memory technologies used in computers in the early 1950s. See memory types. See also early storage devices.

Electrostatic Memory
Similar to a CRT, electrostatic storage tubes used in the Whirlwind computer in 1950 held a whopping 256 bits each. The bits were "painted" on the surface of the tube, and their electrostatic charges determined their content. See Williams tube. (Image courtesy of The MITRE Corporation Archives.)

Delay Line Memory
In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the EDSAC and UNIVAC I memory consisted of tubes of liquid mercury several feet long. In a continuous loop, electrical pulses were converted to sound and back to electrical, keeping the digital data flowing in the tube as if it were stored there (see image below). See EDSAC and UNIVAC I.

Liquid Mercury Delay Line Memory
This was a Univac I memory module in 1951. It contained seven liquid mercury tanks, each divided into 18 channels, totaling 1,000 words that held 11 decimal digits or two instructions. The top image shows relative size. (Photo taken courtesy of The Computer History Museum, www.computerhistory.org)

Magnetic Drum Memory
This magnetic drum from an IBM 650 was introduced in 1954 and held two thousand 10-digit words. That much memory today would fit on the head of a pin, and a very thin pin to be sure (see IBM 650). (Image courtesy of the Hagley Museum and Library.)

Magnetic Core Memory
In the early 1950s, magnetic cores were introduced and widely used for two decades. The direction of the magnetic energy in the core determined the 0 or 1. This core plane, which held 256 bits, replaced the electrostatic storage tubes in the Whirlwind I. See core storage. (Image courtesy of The MITRE Corporation Archives.)

Cores Got Very Sophisticated
Over the years, magnetic cores became so small that a thousand of them would look like a tiny pile of dust. Using a microscope, women in third-world countries were hired to string them together. About 30" high, this Dataram module provided 16KB of RAM for a Data General minicomputer in 1967. See core storage.
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That is, early memories can be predictors of later interpersonal behavior.
I grew up in chaparral country and my early memories of it come from Boy Scout hikes, trudging through mile upon mile of prickly scrub oak and manzanita, worrying about rattlesnakes and pleading futilely for shade.
I have early memories of my mother's nurturing touch as she would gently lay cool clothes across my feverish brow.
Whilst the respondents, all of whom were women aged either 25-35 or 36-45, shared early memories of casual, fun, easy and informal meals centred upon social family get-togethers, nowadays their priorities have changed.
In fact, Theora Hamblett was so inspired by her surroundings here that many of her paintings draw on those early memories of a quiet town where people led simple, honest lives.
We find his early memories mingled with the first signs of the rising racial persecution in the story of Rene, his Jewish classmate.
Dear Editor, -In response to your recent call for early memories of this station, as a pupil at King Edwards School from 1927 to 1930 I travelled from Kings Heath twice daily and therefore passed through New Street station thousands of times during my time there.
In my early memories of visiting my grandparents, driving cows stands out as a great experience.
My early memories of my grandparents are rich with Catholic images.
For example, Sean Barron described his early memories of people as fragmented: "Even when I saw them they were still in pieces" (Barron & Barron, 1992, p.
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