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(Said of people, computers, algorithms, programs) (To be) a success at a given task.

E.g. "WYSIWYG is a clear win for small documents".

"winnitude" is the quality that something which wins has. "winning" is often (ab)used as an adjective.

Synonyms: cuspy, elegant. Antonym: lose. Compare lossy, lossless.


(1) A short name for Windows versions; for example, Win7, Win8 and Win10. In the 1990s, the executable program name for Windows 3.0 and 3.1 was WIN.EXE, which was typed in after DOS booted. Microsoft surely must have enjoyed having millions of people type "win" every time they launched Windows. See Windows 3.0.

(2) All the Windows "how to's" in this encyclopedia contain a "Win" prefix.

(3) (WIN) (Wireless Intelligent Network) A control system for cellular phone networks. Also known as IS-41 and ANSI-41, WIN and EDGE were key elements in the UWC-136 initiative. See UWC Consortium.
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Bent headed home with 17 minutes left, the striker's third in as many matches, to earn Spurs their first victory during a frustrating start to the season.
JERMAINE JENAS struck a vital first-half goal against Slavia Prague to earn Spurs a 1-0 away victory described by their boss Martin Jol as "the best result possible".
MARTIN JOL defended Jermain Defoe after the England striker won and scored a dubious penalty to earn Spurs an FA Cup lifeline.
But just as it seemed Cudicini's howler would prove crucial, Woodgate headed home in the 86th minute at the KC Stadium to earn Spurs a vital win.
But Keane grabbed an 86thminuite equaliser to earn Spurs a point, curling the ball into the top corner from the edge of the area after it had struck Ricardo Carvalho on the back.