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Compared to the oversaturated market for financial investment products, the advantage of "Stable Earner No.
We observe much lower contributions and more Nash play among the groups with either one earner or three earners than we do in the other groups.
Data from Aviva's Family Finances Report series suggests that the average annual income for male breadwinner households is Au27,180 (Au2,265 per month), but this falls to Au19,620 (Au1,635 per month) where a woman is the main earner.
As already noted, we add to the existing literature with this paper by examining the role of retiree health benefits separately for three groups: dual-earner couples, couples with a single earner, and single workers.
Such an approach might exclude workers from the primary wage earner group who work part time because they are receiving a pension or have some other sources of unearned income.
In contrast, real consumption per equivalent adult and income shares increased for shelter, utilities, transportation, and entertainment for all household earner types between 1960 and 1996.
The first section of the book outlines the fundamental changes that have occurred within the family over the last 40 years, including the rise in dual earner families emphasizing racial group differences and gendered career patterns from a life course perspective.
JVS agencies specialize in employment and training programs serving people with disabilities, those who are economically disadvantaged, refugees, and dislocated family wage earners.
This population usually consists of second wage earners in the family who are working for the "extras" in lifestyle (Felsen, 1990).
Thomson Reuters Global Investment banking review has reported that the Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the top earner for the first quarter of 2013 with USD1.
Census data we first document the differences in labor supply (annual hours of work unconditional on participating in the labor market) by earner status in partnered lesbian households (7) and compare and contrast these to married men (primary earners) and married women (secondary earners).
Researchers found that a family with two children in which two earners bring in a total of PS44,440 could end up just PS4,000 better off than a similar family earning PS20,000 less, because of the impact of benefits, tax, tax credits and childcare costs.