earth building

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sod house, soddie

A dwelling having thick walls of blocks cut from an upper layer of grassland (i.e., sod). Houses of this type were constructed quickly by early settlers in the Great Plains of the United States in areas where timber and stone were scarce, suitable clay was not available for making bricks in quantity, but good-quality sod was readily obtainable. Often, constructed partially underground, or built into the side of a hill to provide improved thermal insulation. The walls were usually plastered with clay to promote cleanliness and dryness within the structure, and to reduce or prevent insect infestation. Also see Plains cottage.
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The lack of understanding has led to a high degree of suspicion and fear in the UK building industry concerning earth buildings.
He said there were thousands of earth buildings in Britain which were often too modest to gain listed building status but which formed the essential character of hundreds of conservation areas.
Part 3: Earth building technologies and earth construction techniques: History of earth building techniques
Modern earth buildings provides an essential exploration of the materials and techniques key to the design, development and construction of such buildings.
Finally, part five of Modern earth buildings explores the application of modern earth construction through international case studies.
And he felt politicians and planners needed to be shown how viable and sustainable earth buildings could be.
Thousands of earth buildings in Britain are often too modest to gain listed building status, but form the essential character of hundreds of conservation areas.
The lavatories have their own two-chamber septic tanks, the first time these have been incorporated into earth buildings in Bangladesh.
While the demand for dry stone walling, thatching cob and earth buildings will determine the numbers of craftspeople required, if these small numbers are reduced even further, a shortage would cause a crisis.
Archilab's Earth Buildings gives this theme a particular contemporary twist, though Atelier Bow-Wow perhaps pinpoint the phenomenon with greater accuracy than the title.
Over time, Lambert will also add yurts, hammocks and rammed earth buildings to the property to create El Cosmico's unconventional hotel.