earth dike

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dike, dyke

1. A dry stone wall.
2. A long low dam.
3. A bank of earth from an excavation.
4. An earth embankment which acts as a coffer-dam for keeping water out of an excavation.
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Guagua Mayor Dante Torres said the local government evacuated 16 families from Purok Dalisdis in Barangay Ascomo on Sunday night to put them to safety from the risk of the breaching of an earth dike.
It was to consist of earth dikes reinforced with interlocking steel plates.
Contract notice: Mission of project management on the reinforcement of earth dikes on the right bank of the garonne in toulouse (dyke bd marchal juin and dikes amidonniers-sept deniers).
Contract notice: Project Management Mission On The Reinforcement Of Earth Dikes On The Right Bank Of The Garonne In Toulouse (Digue Bd Marchal Juin And Dikes Amidonniers-Sept) Funds.
Civil works for the reclamation of land: which includes the preparation of 775 Ha, construction of 2 pumping stations and 2 irrigation and drainage networks, construction of feeder roads, and earth dikes for flood protection.
mum tank designed in the south-west as dug below the existing ground while the rest of the partially recessed below the existing ground and partially sprinkled with earth dikes.