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in ancient Middle Eastern religions, mother goddess, the great symbol of the earth's fertility. She was worshiped under many names and attributes. Similar figures have been known in every part of the world.
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demonstrate both the primary role of the Earth mother in the narratives
Earth Mother talks about the '60s, but if she were a flower child she wouldn't be confronting menopause now so much as contemplating the possibility of a nursing home.
v v Star performance Patrick Mullins for a clinical ride on Earth Mother v v Quote of the day "I hope they don't get us as drunk as they did yesterday
A beautifully soulful Earth Mother walks the land placing "a piece of summer in a flower's seed" and powdering the trees with snow.
The Virgin, who is also known as Tonantzin-Guadalupe, then assumed all the qualities associated with the pre-conquest Earth Mother, though believers prayed to her for a variety of reasons, not just fertility or the fecundity of the land.
New York has been a kind of earth mother of modern and postmodern dance, sending her children out into the world.
Nevertheless, Mo Yan's focus on the female, particularly the maternal, is not simply another eulogy of the prototypical earth mother.
Of the major characters, only Joan Allen's no-big-deal-about-it earth mother Arlene seems to fully live in her skin, which she likes to expose completely while gardening.
According to Anthony Perks, a University of British Columbia researcher, "There was a concept in Neolithic times of a great goddess or Earth Mother, and Stonehenge could represent the opening by which the Earth Mother gave birth to the plants and animals on which ancient people so depended.
Jane Jacobs is the great earth mother of modern planning.
This year I wanted to use a person, originally it was to be androgynous but it was decided that an earth mother holding the sun is a particularly powerful figure.

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