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in ancient Middle Eastern religions, mother goddess, the great symbol of the earth's fertility. She was worshiped under many names and attributes. Similar figures have been known in every part of the world.
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Because it's clear the woman who for a while fooled us into believing she was a dynamic combo of Feisty Career Woman, Earth Mother and Big Softie is more than a bit unhinged.
A beautifully soulful Earth Mother walks the land placing "a piece of summer in a flower's seed" and powdering the trees with snow.
Jane Jacobs is the great earth mother of modern planning.
This year I wanted to use a person, originally it was to be androgynous but it was decided that an earth mother holding the sun is a particularly powerful figure.
attempt to portray the culture as steeped in war, imperialism, and conquest, it was, in fact, a civilization that worshipped the Earth Mother and was dominated by reverence for feminine themes and values.
Some spirits were very good: Earth Mother (Eleanor James), Ariane (Stacie Dunlop), the old woman, Hatempka (Leanna Brodie), the tree stump (Brad Brackenridge), the White Stag (tenor Eric Shaw and dancer Dy Gallagher).
Pi'ilani's account functions as authoritative work, or Haumea-text, after the powerful earth mother of Hawaiian genealogy, the maternal ancestor of the Hawaiian people.
The startled loggers generally have been respectful as they listen to La Tigresa's Earth Mother poems, some of which are recited in Spanish for the benefit of the Latino workers.
As a "literary" work this book could have been about Alice: part Gracie Allen, part Earth Mother, part Farm Woman.
The finding makes estrogen "essentially the earth mother of all hormones," remarks John A.
Abandoned by department stores, the category's earth mother appears to be the ever-more-significant home improvement channel.

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