earth roof

sod roof

A roof composed of a thick layer of grassland containing roots; frequently pitched or barrel-shaped and supported by logs; usually prone to problem of water leakage. In sod houses of better quality, the sod roofs were covered with shingles (which were then covered with additional sod to prevent the shingles from being blown away). In upscale modern sod houses, an impermeable plastic sheet is set beneath the sod roof to reduce or eliminate water leakage.
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The Art Car was further customized with a four-foot fiberglass earth roof topper, incorporating rotating cheeseburgers.
And the tiny Hobbit Hall - built into a bank with an earth roof, timber lined walls and small stove - was built purely to entertain the local Sunday School, who come up to Newmains every year for their picnic.
We debated on an earth-covered roof, but the truth was that everyone we knew who had an earth roof had leaks.

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