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see land artland art
or earthworks,
art form developed in the late 1960s and early 70s by Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, Michael Heizer, and others, in which the artist employs the elements of nature in situ or rearranges the landscape with earthmoving equipment.
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Today, from its headquarters in Carrickmacross, McCabe Earthworks serves an impressive nationwide and UK customer base, with a client list that includes the Dublin port tunnel, Dublin's M50 motorway, Landsdowne Road stadium and Dublin's LUAS light rail tram system.
Through their many community-related programs, including workshops in organic farming and farm-to-school education, Earthworks endeavors to provide a local, affordable source of healthy food throughout the year.
Syan Ventom, representing the Environment Agency, told the court Earthworks and Jagger breached waste regulations in 2010 when they handled excavated material from a development in Broad Street in Halifax.
Preliminary excavations at one of the sites in 2008 revealed that some of the earthworks were surrounded by low mounds containing domestic ceramics, charcoal, grinding-stone fragments, and other evidence of habitation.
Established in 1997 by Rick Samyn, then a Capuchin Franciscan brother, Earthworks is more than just a community garden.
The number of used cell phones is growing by 130 million each year, according to Earthworks, yet EPA notes that only about 20 percent of unwanted phones are recycled annually.
Their hope is that the center will become the heart of scientific and cultural inquiry into the Earthworks, drawing academic and public attention.
Tiffany sponsored a full-page advertisement in section A of the Washington Post in the past year, accepting the Earthworks call to shun metals mined from a site in Montana.
Paine has brought an artistic approximation of nature - a reverse earthwork, in a way - into the post-industrial expanses of the museum.
As well as the school garden, the Earthworks team has created an allotment near the Shorefields area of Liverpool, with space for planting shrubs and vegetables and an on-site learning centre.
The dense matrix of meanings generated by this varied production makes Spiral Jetty more than just an Earthwork whose time has passed, and promises to fuel the expanding referential spiral of Smithson scholarship for decades to come.
Each contains 450g of EarthWorks Soil Builder and 500ml of Plants, worth pounds 7.