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1. one of the four cardinal points of the compass, 90? clockwise from north and 180? from west
2. the direction along a parallel towards the sunrise, at 90? to north; the direction of the earth's rotation
3. the east any area lying in or towards the east
4. Cards the player or position at the table corresponding to east on the compass


1. the continent of Asia regarded as culturally distinct from Europe and the West; the Orient
2. the countries under Communist rule and formerly under Communist rule, lying mainly in the E hemisphere
3. in the US
a. the area north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi
b. the area north of Maryland and east of the Alleghenies

What does it mean when you dream about the East?

The east, as the direction from which the sun and other celestial bodies rise, naturally symbolizes new beginnings and rebirths. Dreams about the East (in the sense of the Orient) have other associations, sometimes of a spiritual nature. For someone living in the Midwest or California, “back East” would mean the eastern United States.


The direction 90° to the right of north.


A Eureka project developing a software engineering platform.
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The Starbucks, which will be Palmdale's fourth, but only the first on the city's east side, will cover 1,800 square feet.
This offering has already generated a great deal of interest, largely because East Harlem represents one of the last major redevelopment opportunities in the City.
The beauty of Georgian Bay and Killarney Park lures tourists into the area and the East family welcomes them into their cabins where they can enjoy Canadian cuisine, a comfortable place to rest and first-class hospitality.
In that time some 1,500 East Timorese were murdered, Dili was burned, and its infrastructure destroyed.
The Stasi-compiled dossiers on East German citizens found after the regime fell would make a stack 112 miles high.
17) In contrast to the accounts of many autobiographies and oral histories, East End neighborhoods were filled with divisions, fractured by conflict, competition, and suspicion.
What would they recommend as a better way to have kept East Germans from fleeing to the West?
Perhaps most fundamentally, the conditions of the Middle East today are vastly different from those behind the Iron Curtain in 1989.
Robert Ash, Brighton, MI, East Central Division; David Gillingham, teacher
Grounded in home-grown ideas and a realization that change is necessary to generate jobs, there is growing support in the Middle East for the catalytic role of economic opportunity, a light that shines brightly, dispelling negativism and despair.
Its East German curators, Eugen Blume and Roland Marz, selected more than four hundred works--by some 145 artists--whose aesthetic merit "remains valid" and "enduring.
The people of East Timor, whose capital and largest city is Dili, had waited more than 400 years for independence.