east point

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East Point,

city (1990 pop. 34,402), Fulton co., NW Ga., an industrial suburb of Atlanta; inc. 1887. Textiles, machinery, chemicals, and paper are among the manufactures. A Point Univ. campus and a National Archives and Records Administration facility are there.

east point

See cardinal points.

East Point

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The east point is sometimes used as an alternate expression to refer to the ascendant—the point where the eastern horizon intersects the ecliptic for any given astrological chart.

east point

[′ēst ‚pȯint]
That intersection of the prime vertical with the horizon which lies to the right of the observer when facing north.
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I've seen the Royal William coming around East Point.
All these things happened several years ago at a place called Novastoshnah, or North East Point, on the Island of St.
Islamic Finance is also among the series of topics discussed in this issue of the Deloitte Middle East Point of View.
We have all these people shot up, but we don't have any motive right now," East Point police Capt.
East Point police spokesman Cliff Chandler said no charges will be filed against the homeowner because Eugene is protected by the law, since he was defending himself from great bodily injury and was trying to prevent a forcible felony from taking place.
He added: "Deutsche Bank is one of Europe's most dynamic financial institutions and this expansion at East Point will significantly bolster Ireland's financial services sector.
We launched the Middle East Point of View app for leaders in the Middle East region who are interested in accessing the viewpoints from experts on current hot topics in the Mena region.
Zglobal utilizes East Point Systems' advanced field service software to manage workflow efficiently, provide consistency, and to provide seamless communications between its home office, its clients and its field inspectors.
Phenix Title Services, Stewart Title Guaranty and Hubbard & Quinn all moved a short distance down the road to the East Point Executive Center, where they found suitable office space to lease the very next day.
After some negotiating, Wright was able to buy his partner's share in the East Point, Georgia, company and take full control of the firm, which specializes in same-day and next-day deliveries--ranging from single envelopes to full tractor-trailer loads of merchandise.
The 335th Theater Signal Command, from East Point, Ga.

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