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The door of the room opens on to the end of the gallery, exactly facing the east window, at the extremity of the 'right' gallery, where Rouletabille had placed Daddy Jacques, and commands an uninterrupted view of the gallery from end to end of the chateau.
It has an east window, and on each side in the wall, about four feet from the ground, a stone basin with a hole and iron pipe to convey the water into or through the wall.
As I paused beneath the high east window and listened to the sounds of worship, I was taken with an impulse that might master me, I felt, completely should I give it the least encouragement.
It was dimly lighted by an uncurtained east window.
He must have climbed up the rose-trellis or somewhere, and of course he can get right into the house through the east window in the attic.
Then she turned her back upon him and went to stand once more before the east window, gazing with sad eyes toward distant Ptarth.
He jumped up and made off without a word, but from the east window we watched him strutting down the brae.
Without a pause I rushed up to the east window, and scrambled down the wall,as before, into the Count's room.
The long winter evenings within the castle of Torn were often spent in rough, wild carousals in the great hall where a thousand men might sit at table singing, fighting and drinking until the gray dawn stole in through the east windows, or Peter the Hermit, the fierce majordomo, tired of the din and racket came stalking into the chamber with drawn sword and laid upon the revellers with the flat of it to enforce the authority of his commands to disperse.
Crux, which had shown old Mazey the light in the east windows, his memory would unquestionably have presented it to him the next morning in the aspect of one of the praiseworthy achievements of his life.
THE new owner of North East window specialist Warmseal has secured a six-figure investment into the business.
The big east window had to be completely removed and and all the stone tracery replaced, then the glass was cleaned and re-fitted to the new window.
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