eastern hemisphere

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eastern hemisphere

1. that half of the globe containing Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, lying east of the Greenwich meridian
2. the lands in this, esp Asia

Eastern Hemisphere

[¦ē·stərn ′hem·ə‚sfir]
The half of the earth lying mostly to the east of the Atlantic Ocean, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.
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Area Manager-Southeast US and most recently served as Manager of Sales for the Eastern Hemisphere.
With the Asian crisis beginning to fade into the past, the nonwovens industry is beginning to sit up and take notice of a number of successful nonwovens producers located in the Eastern Hemisphere.
But from eastern hemisphere to western, from luxury to budget, there is one thing they all have in common--extending the spirit of hospitality to overnight guests.
The whole eastern hemisphere, including its growing markets in Central Asia, will benefit from this move.
Established in 1903, the award honors an author's first book on the history of the Eastern hemisphere and alternates between time periods.
So far, one additional probe identifies strains of Eretmocerus wasps native to the eastern hemisphere.
Underlying each of these occurrences is the economic disarray in much of the eastern hemisphere and a good part of Latin America as well.
Bruno Cuillier, Product Manager for Varel Eastern Hemisphere Operations, observes, "Over the course of several months Varel lab tested more than 70 gauge configurations to ultimately derive three specific bit gauge configurations and build a gauge behavior numerical model for use with these new products.
Dave Stewart, CEO for Wood Groups Asset Life Cycle Solutions business in the Eastern Hemisphere, said: Wood Group has supported the Royal Navy for 40 years in the provision of marine painting.
In the United States' Eastern Hemisphere, the moon will share the night sky with a faint "penumbral" lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon falls under the Earth's shadow.
Abrant will head the Western and Eastern Hemisphere operations, and the sales and technical support teams.
At the same time, they are moving into newer, more-lucrative Eastern Hemisphere regions that have higher logistical risks.

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