eastern hemisphere

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eastern hemisphere

1. that half of the globe containing Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, lying east of the Greenwich meridian
2. the lands in this, esp Asia

Eastern Hemisphere

[¦ē·stərn ′hem·ə‚sfir]
The half of the earth lying mostly to the east of the Atlantic Ocean, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.
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He continued, "The expanded space houses our Eastern Hemisphere administration and product research and development teams as well as our advanced drilling and analysis software tool development program.
He will be supported by senior staff members in Kurgan who are currently training at Varel's Eastern Hemisphere base in Tarbes, France.
With over 500 sq m of covered workshop area and employing a multi-disciplined workforce of around 46 people, the new premises will handle all manufacturing for the company's eastern hemisphere and allow it to build and consolidate the fleet of A60 accommodation units it currently supplies as well as handling any custom build projects the firm receives.
Preparation before the job was key," said Cameron Radtke, Packers Plus Technical Services Manager, Eastern Hemisphere.
Tomen has a strong presence in Japan and the Americas, while Nichimen's strength lies in the Eastern Hemisphere (Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa).
The anisotropy in the Western Hemisphere is about 3 to 4 times the strength of the anisotropy in the Eastern Hemisphere, he reported at the AGU meeting this spring.
Joe Rainey, president of Halliburton's Eastern Hemisphere operations, said: "This contract award is a testament to the ongoing success of our Eastern Hemisphere growth strategy and is in addition to work awarded in this field by this customer in 2010.
Kalicki, an expert in international and regional energy problems, gas and oil production in the Western Hemisphere expanded exponentially for the past couple of years while the demand for it has continued to increase in the Eastern Hemisphere.
ARCHER, the global oilfield service provider, is expanding its coverage in the eastern hemisphere region with the opening of a hemisphere support office in Dubai, UAE, a downhole tool repair centre in Jebel Ali, UAE and a country office in Doha, Qatar.
For further information: Mark Rivenbark Director, Eastern Hemisphere Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.
A phylogenetic analysis, based on the proteinase 3C region of the CA24v isolates collected from the Eastern Hemisphere in 1970 through 1989, demonstrated that most of the lineages of the tree contained Singapore strains (6).
Some researchers fear that the mosquito, which in the Eastern Hemisphere transmits debilitating and sometimes fatal tropical diseases such as dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis, might serve as a carrier for these or other infectious diseases in the United States.

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