red cedar

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red cedar:

see juniperjuniper,
any tree or shrub of the genus Juniperus, aromatic evergreens of the family Cupressaceae (cypress family), widely distributed over the north temperate zone. Many are valuable as a source of lumber and oil. The small fleshy cones are berrylike in appearance.
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eastern red cedar, aromatic cedar

A highly aromatic, moderately high-density, fine-textured wood of a distinctive red color with white streaks; widely used for fence posts, shingles, and mothproof closet linings.
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Aphaenogaster treatae: This species was found nesting in soil under isolated eastern red cedars in the glades and in the open in the barren zone.
It was found nesting in litter under isolated eastern red cedars and in grass clumps in the barren zone and under rocks and in the soil in the gravel zone.
During our survey, the eastern red cedar expanded across prairies of the Red Hills and across the southern Great Plains in general (Briggs et al.
Differential consumption of eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) by avian and mammalian guilds: implications for tree invasion.
While eastern red cedar and post oak were the most abundant tree species in this forest, many of the eastern red cedars were small ([approximately equal to] 1 cm dbh) and contributed significantly less to the total basal area of the forest (Table 2).

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