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expected approach clearance (EAC)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which arriving aircraft should be cleared to begin the approach for a landing. Also known as EAT, or expected approach time.
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The Eat n'drink plate is made from high quality white porcelain and is handily equipped with a hole the perfect size to hold your glass of wine, leaving your hands free to eat away.
More than 150 years ago, pioneers on the Tahoe National Forest searched for gold and other precious metals by shooting water through high-pressure hoses to eat away at hillsides and slopes.
In marine environments that are oxygen poor, certain bacteria are known to eat away at iron by converting sulfate in ocean water into the corrosive chemical hydrogen sulfide.
The original mummification process was intended to keep the bodies so dry that the bacteria that would normally eat away at them could not survive.
5 Snorting the drug __________ can eat away the cartilage that divides the nose.
Racial mistrust and competition eat away at the possibility of positive human relations.
Council planners fear the scheme will eat away at the green land which separates Bedworth from Coventry.
No bigger than a grain of rice, a radioactive seed is implanted in the prostate to eat away at the tumor.