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expected approach clearance (EAC)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which arriving aircraft should be cleared to begin the approach for a landing. Also known as EAT, or expected approach time.
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Given the difficulties it faces from feeble global demand for steel and the strong local challenge posed by French trade unions, ArcelorMittal may have a tougher time restructuring, even if Monsieur Montebourg has been forced to eat crow.
An unfazed Congress reminded the Opposition and its own allies that the opposition to FDI will meet the same fate as that of the Indo- US nuclear deal vote, during which the party's opponents were forced to eat crow.
Instead, Pawar had to eat crow and come crawling to the Congress for an alliance in 2004, hoping that getting the party on his side would help the Nationalist Congress Party grow by leaps and bounds.
To paraphrase a famous French queen, let Gillmeister eat crow.
soccer head coach Bob Bradley has saved his job, and on Saturday night has the chance to make all his critics eat crow.
If the press weren't here, I would say I eat crow - the Pioneer Parkway roundabout has done an excellent job," joked Councilor John Woodrow, who had been wary of the multi-lane roundabout.
My (e-)mailbag was soon flooded with messages from friends and strangers alike, proposing I eat crow because global efficiency and vagaries of local markets doom close-to-home agriculture anyway.