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Bars, pubs, restaurants and eateries across the city are required to follow safety norms by providing clearly marked exit doors in case of a fire along with fire fighting equipment, said Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy.
For instance, at least three new eateries - located close to each other - have opened in Najma over the last month and four more are set to start functioning in their vicinity soon.
Yunus Vappatt, director of Brazilian eatery 'Copacabana', said:"These beachfront eateries at the traditional souq are set to become a hub for foodies in Qatar, in near future.
All eateries had announced that bookings were to be made personally and payments in full before arriving for dinner.
During the hearing, Delhi Pollution Control Committee ( DPCC) officials informed the NGT that while seven of 33 eateries were found to be closed, 19 joints had submitted their replies.
The pub and restaurant was chosen by van drivers from among 1,000 eateries to take pride of place in the UK's first-ever good food guide written by van drivers, for van drivers.
Director, Hazel Coppack, said: "We field a number of enquiries from cafes, restaurants, pubs, bed and breakfasts and other eateries who would like to use more local produce, but aren''t always sure where to go for specific items.
Inspections and controls may be followed by fines and other punishments, said Shareef, adding that he hoped this positive step would educate eateries on better safety methods.
uk/dinefromfive to find your nearest participating eateries.
A full listing of participating eateries can be found by visiting www.
Kuala Lumpur, Dec 31 (ANI): Customers at mamak and Indian restaurants in Malaysia will not be asked to pay more for their teh tarik and roti canai as the two associations representing these eateries have given an assurance they will not hike up their prices despite the increased cost of sugar and cooking gas.
Summary: Jumeirah has acquired the rights to open outposts of some of London's most famous eateries, apparently.