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Stone eaves gutters don't have the facility for steps, therefore an alternative expansion joint system should be used or don't use lead at all.
Flat roofs have a parapet gutter and a number of sloping roofs meeting at one point have a valley gutter, which links up with either a parapet or eaves gutter.
The consultation concerns - Pavement rehabilitation of a roundabout and a ramp,- The partial reversal of the wearing of a roundabout,- Reprofiling pavements and performing surface dressing,- The demolition of pavement and a yard track,- Recovery of existing stock and the implementation of topsoil and materials from the site,- Modification of surface sanitation,- Modification and addition of metal restraints,- Road markings after work,- Modification of the vertical signage,- Repair eaves gutter elements on work of art,- The evacuation of materials and waste on site.