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Comparison of both analyses with the same eccentric load, which is the closest to the real load of the frame, proved sufficient correspondence.
The assumption is made that the eccentric load P can be replaced by an equivalent force and an eccentric moment of magnitude M = P x e acting at the centroid C of the fastener group as shown in Figure 5.
The eccentric load on the motor produced a sinusoidal load profile, where the motor regenerated for half the cycle and motored for the other half.
The specific aim was to evaluate the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the magnitude of edge displacement between the two designs when subjected to a cyclic, eccentric load by the humeral head along the SI and AP glenoid axes.
The test setup shown in Figure 1 did not eliminate the moment due to the offset of applied load and subsequent eccentric load.
The concentric 1-RM measure was used to determine the eccentric load of 150% of the concentric 1-RM.
This means that the higher the eccentric load, the higher the mechanical stress per muscle unit, and this may cause more prominent muscle damage.
Trunk extensors such as the multifidus of the transversospinalis group and erector spinae are often tight due to loads placed on them when bending forward: eccentric loads when flexing forward, isometric loads maintaining a bent-forward posture, and eccentric loads when returning to erect position.
With spans of up to 50m between the 10 irregularly distributed cones and with significant cantilevers reaching out to the building's trapezoidal perimeter, the project represented a unique structural challenge; not only with the raised exhibition space twisting in plan within a distorted 150m X 90m grid, but also with the tapering and leaning cones adding eccentric loads into an already complex equation.
The procedure was repeated with different eccentric loads and different angle of footing projection at various [e.