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A subcutaneous hemorrhage marked by purple discoloration of the skin.



or bruise, a hemorrhage into the soft tissues as a result of a blow or pressure from a blunt object; blood may also escape under nonmechanical influences (sepsis, asphyxia, and overchilling, for example). The blood flowing out of the injured blood vessels into the tissue changes color (from dark red to yellowish green) with decomposition and biochemical conversion. The type of object that applied the blow and the age of the trauma may be judged by the shape and color of the surface bruise (“black-and-blue mark”). Extensive ecchymoses are called hematomas.

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Our patient did not feel pain and he did not realize ecchymosis or swelling until CIC in the morning.
Investigating the clinical history of the family (n=6) with a FV deficiency diagnosed accidentally revealed that all children suffered from epistaxis and had episodes of ecchymosis.
A 59-year-old male was admitted to the emergency clinic with ecchymosis of the penis.
The decline in the patient's hematocrit and the presence of ecchymosis about her thigh were the only early signs of her vascular injury.
They also reported ecchymosis, hematemesis, melena, somnolence, and gingival bleeding to be more common among fatal cases.
There was no history of prolonged or profuse bleeding after cuts or injury, and no bleeding from any sites of the body, petechiae, ecchymosis, or bruising.
Physical examination findings were found to be normal in 16 (72%) of the children who were diagnosed as physical abuse and ecchymosis was found in 6 (28%) subjects on physical examination.
5cm area of ecchymosis in the intra-atrial groove near the course of the right coronary artery.
Abdominal wall ecchymosis seen during initial examination is suggestive of possible hollow viscus, solid organ or spinal cord injuries.
Abdominal examination revealed right-sided ecchymosis and mild guarding.
Orbital metastatic disease may result in proptosis or ecchymosis.