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A subcutaneous hemorrhage marked by purple discoloration of the skin.



or bruise, a hemorrhage into the soft tissues as a result of a blow or pressure from a blunt object; blood may also escape under nonmechanical influences (sepsis, asphyxia, and overchilling, for example). The blood flowing out of the injured blood vessels into the tissue changes color (from dark red to yellowish green) with decomposition and biochemical conversion. The type of object that applied the blow and the age of the trauma may be judged by the shape and color of the surface bruise (“black-and-blue mark”). Extensive ecchymoses are called hematomas.

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These lesions tend to be nonpalpable, ecchymotic, and nonblanching, with a linear or geometric morphology.
Wounds at risk consist of avulsed skin flaps, wounds located over the pretibial surface and Achilles tendon; and flaps that are contused, ecchymotic, or blanched.
Since prolapse occurs down the posterior wall of the urethra, it is common to encounter a congested, smooth, ecchymotic mucosa-covered genital cystic mass.
She had a history of easy bruisability and noticed spontaneous ecchymotic patches for a couple of years with no other significant bleeding manifestations.
On admission, she had 38[degrees]C fever, a purpuric and ecchymotic rash particularly on herlower extremities, but no organomegaly or arthritis.
At necropsy, gross lesions were detected, including ecchymotic or petechial hemorrhage of leg and footpad; serous fluid surrounding the heart, pancreas, liver, and abdomen; cyanosis of the oral cavity; and mild pleural effusion.
The next day, the patient developed conjunctival suffusion and hemorrhage in both eyes, and he had ecchymotic lesions over the eyelids (Figure).