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correctly emphasizes that the four causes became useful to Congar's project of a total ecclesiology only after they were brought into interaction with biblical and historical approaches.
An image or metaphor that I find helpful in introducing ecclesiology and why it is so vital for the ecumenical movement is drawn from the world of computers and smart phones.
He pointed out that not every study of the church is ecclesiology Ecclesiology entails the theological study of the church--a study from the point of view of faith.
If the responses to The Church reflect the level of convergence on ecclesiology among the churches, the responses will play a vital role in the mutual recognition between the churches as they call one another to visible unity in one faith and in one eucharistic fellowship.
Fernando Enns, building upon Miroslav Volf's development of free church ecclesiology rooted in a trinitarian relationship of love, suggests that the believers church "ethically-directed, local and experience oriented understanding of community .
Echeverria is at his best when explaining certain unfortunate Reformed misconstruals of Catholic teaching, like those mentioned above on sacramentology and ecclesiology.
The final chapter further explores the structure of Milton's church, relating his literary ecclesiology to trends in millenarian and apocalyptic thinking in the mid-seventeenth century.
The author, too, shows interest in this "testament"; interest not in comparing soteriology with ecclesiology but in Uchimura's "disassociation from mukyokaishugi.
The centerpiece of Milton's literary ecclesiology, the authority of the indwelling Word, serves ultimately to remove any distinction between clergy and laity.
Other topics the commission will discuss in future will include the procession of the Holy Spirit, authority in the Church, ecclesiology, the mission of the church, sacraments, human sexuality and mission and pastoral care.
Pope Gregory, like most bishops shaped by 19th-century neo-scholastic ecclesiology (theory of the church), believed that God had intended both the church and the state to be hierarchical and monarchical in structure.
4) Within the Catholic tradition this approach was given some authoritative approval by the 1985 Synod of Bishops, which declared, "The ecclesiology of communion is the central and fundamental idea of [Vatican H's] documents.