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symbol for the element telluriumtellurium
[Lat.,=earth], semimetallic chemical element; symbol Te; at. no. 52; at. wt. 127.60; m.p. 450°C;; b.p. 990°C;; sp. gr. 6.24 at 20°C;; valence −2, +4, or +6. Tellurium is a lustrous, brittle, crystalline, silver-white metalloid.
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, ti
Music (in tonic sol-fa) the syllable used for the seventh note or subtonic of any scale
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Whenever you see a competition or offer exclusive to Echo Time to Remember Club printed in the supplement, have your card membership number handy and get ready to reap the benefits.
Image parameters for SGE are: 1) relatively long repetition time (TR) (approximately 150 msec) to maximize both the signal-to-noise ratio and the number of sections that can be acquired in one multisection acquisition; and 2) the shortest in-phase echo time (TE) (approximately 6.
11) In theory, for the same total echo time, the signal of PRESS is twice as great as that of STEAM; PRESS is also less sensitive to motion.
Longer echo time acquisitions commonly used with high-performance gradient systems and fat-suppression techniques commonly used with musculoskeletal imaging exacerbate the duty cycle load.
HIV-related metabolic abnormalities in the brain: depiction with proton MR spectroscopy with short echo times.