eclipta alba

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Small, daisy-like flower with long wrinkly leaves. Whole plant useable for bleeding, mouth and tooth problems, grey hair, liver, hepatitis, jaundice, spleen, headaches, hypertension, parasites, ulcers, cough, anemia, tuberculosis, asthma, antibacterial, stimulates immune system. Neutralizes venom of some rattlesnakes.
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Macerated leaves of Eclipta alba were directly applied to head for treatment or prevention of headache, to blacken hair, or prevent graying of hair.
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Whole plants of Eclipta alba were taken as stomachic, carminative, hernia, and sexual longevity, while the paste of whole plant was applied to hair for coloring.
A combination of leaves of Cynodon dactylon, Eclipta alba and Scoparia dulcis was used to treat diabetes; a combination of bark from root of Solanum indicum and bark of Alstonia scholaris was taken orally for debility.