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Importantly, this class is the one that presents greater variability in time, because it is where the ecological succession occurs with the greatest speed, changing its facies, mainly the biomass allocation.
This prior knowledge, coupled with the intrinsic fascination most students have for the subject, allows me to connect forensic entomology to the more abstract topic of ecological succession in a meaningful way.
Within the discipline of entrepreneurship research, the ecological perspective has been applied using both the ecosystems ontological platform and ecological succession ontological platform.
After the establishment of CA-II, several colonial and noncolonial taxa underwent successive increases and declines in abundance at site 17, thus, providing potential evidence of ecological succession.
Dominance by a single wolf spider species at the beginning of ecological succession has also been described after fire (Pardosa saltans Topfer-Hofmann 2000 in an Alpine deciduous forest: Moretti et al.
It may be concluded that the conservation of these plants Fissidens taxifolius ,Grimmia pulvinata,Grimmia trichophylla, Grimmia doniana, Pottia lanceolata, Tortula subulata, play an important role in ecological succession.
2] response is not always predictable, citing, for example, experimental evidence that this parameter may increase during the course of ecological succession.
Scientifically these dunes are probably most famous for the biological studies of Cowles (1899) that helped establish the principle of ecological succession.
The students competed individually and as a team to solve problems posed from the heady categories of soil profiles, water and air quality, environmental analysis and ecological succession.
allowing geologic forces and ecological succession to continue substantially unimpeded [emphasis added].
Land cover changes re veal the environmental conditions and human actions that have shaped the landscape, including ecological succession, timber removal, and natural disturbances such as hurricanes.
This places emphasis on a demand from the co-ethnic population to enter business opportunities leading to ecological succession (Aldrich et al, 1989).

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