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As with many environmental issues, thanks to Teddy's incredible insights, we were ahead of the game so the special Ecologist issue on climate change in 1999 anticipated the increasing severity of climate change, which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, published in its Fourth Assessment Report of 2007.
DENIED Ecologist Dr Bill Pickering cannot call the land where he lives his 'garden'
NATURE lovers in Coventry have won a victory by persuading the city council to use a team of ecologists to advise on development in the city.
Ecologist David Western has written, "Ecologists' preoccupation with the pristine reflects a long tradition in western culture and a philosophy of separating humanity and nature.
That's "a double whammy," says Clive Wilkinson, an ecologist at the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre in Townsville, Australia.
Another NASA scientist, microbial ecologist Jay Garland of the Kennedy Space Center, is seeking beneficial microbes to prevent Salmonella contamination of alfalfa sprouts.
The focus of Vernal Pools: Natural History And Conservation by aquatic ecologist Elizabeth A.
A Chimp in the Family is the true story of an ecologist and conservationist who took an infant chimpanzee into his home when she was abandoned by her mother.
1 -- 2 -- color) Los Angeles County vector ecologist Jacqueline Spoehel holds a jar containing thousands of dead mosquitoes, while one insect, top, sits under the harsh light of a microscope, ready for testing at the county Vector Control office in Sylmar.
It's quite an amazing feeling," says George Koch, an ecologist at Northern Arizona University.
Some appearances create fear," says ecologist (scientist who studies organisms and their environment) Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez of Columbia University in New York City.