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Furthermore, it is uncertain if additional exploration will result in the discovery of an economic mineral resource on the project.
A mapping and test-drilling program to uncover a potential new economic mineral sand resource on central western Cape York;
in geological engineering exploration for economic mineral deposits at Queen's University, she spent three years doing contract work for the Ontario Ministry of Mines.
excelling at exploration for economic mineral deposits.
ISLAMABAD -- The geo-scientists of Earth Sciences Division at Pakistan Museum of Natural History(PMNH) are providing guidance and consultancy to the general public and mineral explorers for development of economic mineral resources of the country.
In particular, the new 238U/235U ratio will allow geologists to place more accurate limits on the exact timing of a broad range of geological processes, from the initial formation of our planet, continents and economic mineral deposits, to past evolutionary events and climate change.
Readers are cautioned that the Blackwater mineral resources are not economic mineral reserves and that the economic viability of resources that are not mineral reserves has not been demonstrated.
Globally, the ongoing supply of numerous minerals will be associated with increased environmental costs, but also challenge the extent of remaining economic mineral resources.
It also doesn't hurt that back in 1974 the state started a rainy day trust fund to protect against the economic mineral swings that are so common.
A miner needs only to do $100 worth of work every year--a hefty sum a century ago-- while he is in the nebulous process of discovering whether economic mineral deposits exist.
The Company estimates that a feasibility study on the Inmaculada Project may include up to 45,000 meters of additional drilling in order to provide sufficient information and drill density to expand and upgrade the existing inferred resource estimate to include a significant proportion of measured and indicated resources, and to support the estimation of economic mineral reserves.
Often, economic mineral deposits are contained within basement rocks, buried below several hundred metres of transported cover (overburden) and cannot be located through surface exploration methods such as soil sampling, geochemical assays and drilling.

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