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The chapters range from discussions of unemployment and the motor vehicle industry in the 1930s, to the role of private and state industry in military preparation and imperialism, to the connection between domestic tensions and the decision to go to war, to questions regarding the extent of Germany's economic mobilization and its rationalization in the second part of the war.
Of particular recommendation are the chapters addressing the American, Soviet, British, and German economic mobilizations.
Such coalitions are not likely to endure, however, because liberalizers seek ultimately to cut the military budget and to persuade the armed forces that a stronger economic mobilization base is more important than more military spending.
The divergent organizational traditions and political designs characterizing each country, although combined with a shared environment and fairly similar immediate tasks of economic mobilization and the distribution of scarce resources, ensured that different countries adopted quite different solutions to common problems.
The picture of the Second World War that emerges from this study, therefore, is that corporatist trends typically failed to mesh with the requirements of political control and economic mobilization.
Schwartz--who roughed out a sketch of the two-sided economic accounts that were prepared during World War II to provide information needed for economic mobilization.
Preparedness and full national economic mobilization were keys to ultimate victory in World War II.
The industrial mobilization plan promulgated in 1939 assumed that economic mobilization could commence prior to the actual outbreak of hostilities against the United States.
Yet, unlike Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Russia, the economic mobilization of England, France, and the United States was in civilian hands and more successful.
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