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In fact, as greater savings are being sought in the health sector, the investment in retro-fit economisers is proving to be a prudent one.
Fulton's Economiser can be installed in all gas-fired RBC models at the build stage with no overall effect on footprint.
200 9) carried out laboratory tests on an EVI machine (both air conditioning and heat pump applications) with R-410A as working fluid in both the capillary tube and flash tank and thermostatic expansion valves and economiser configuration.
The addition of the pre-stripper section increases capacity and improves final product quality since it allows physical refining of the oil, while the addition of a VHE Final Economiser reduces energy consumption while also improving product quality.
Le ministre de l'Electricite, Dr Hassan Younes, a pour sa part souligne que les lampes d'energie economique contribuent a economiser entre 60 et 70% de l'energie, en comparaison avec les autres, et que c'etait la une tendance internationale adoptee dans les pays developpes.
The economiser recovers useful heat from the boiler exhaust gas which is used to preheat the boiler feedwater; this can increase boiler efficiency up to 95%.
Tenders are invited for supply of Economiser coils for Mysugar company ltd Mandya Plant as per our requirement
The economiser seen here in the photo is a drawer type for ease of maintenance and located above the rear smoke box.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Waste Heat Economiser
The WELLMAN ROBEY Economiser Retro-Fit range enhances boiler efficiency by between 5 and 7%, in addition to maximising waste heat recovery due to the large heat transfer surface areas.
ltsh, Economizer,cassette baffles of ltsh and economiser, Alignment bands and mechanical spacer bars of ltsh and adjustment and fixing during aoh 2017-18 of boiler/stage-iv/dr.
Babcock Wanson UK with its resources backed by the international energy group CNIM, says it has always had a keen eye for efficiency and with its current range of advanced industrial steam boilers have been refining both the design and cost of feed water economiser units to provide that sought after combination of effective design, simplicity, long life and low cost.