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When analysing the results, the use of the focus group allowed me to draw on the observations and experiences of the other research ecotourists.
It will be a very difficult task because moose are an attractive target for hunters and ecotourists.
Nonhuman primates have acquired measles from ecotourists (Wallis and Lee 1999).
Ecotourists also can tour wildlife preserves in the rainforest, explore Mayan ruins, paddle rivers, ride horseback through the jungle, mountain bike and enjoy outstanding tropical bird-watching.
Owl believes that by returning to their roots, ecotourists are safeguarding the future of their children.
The OCP could have been constructed along an already established southern pipeline route, which would have limited the impact, yet it chose to cut paths through the Amazon, through parks and regions that have been attracting ecotourists.
But as Penelope Figgis explains, greater pressure by tourism operators and increased reliance by park managers on new sources of income is changing the relationship between ecotourists and national parks.
Iceland is currently promoting itself as a travel destination with a difference - especially as an upmarket destination for ecotourists attracted by its scenery, glaciers, fjords and hot springs
While backyard wildlife watchers get less media attention than ecotourists, many of them--in addition to expanding their attentions to community projects--will eventually become ecotourists.
In the "market of public opinion" approach, the ultimate end users, visitors, or ecotourists to national parks, nature preserves, and wilderness parks make up the market for preservation land.
If such an event were to occur, the travel industry's burgeoning new wave of ecotourists would likely take note - and come crashing onto the shores of Catalina Island.
Streaming into the area to partake of the breathtaking beauty of the natural world in this region are biologists, ecologists, and ecotourists, spending their grant money or retirement savings to visit the "heritage of humanity" It is hardly necessary to repeat the cliches any longer: tropical rain forests cover only 7 percent of the earth's surface yet harbor at least 50 percent of the world's plant and animal species (the earth's biodiversity); they are the lungs of the world, eating away at the excessive carbon dioxide we have excreted from our incus trial metabolism; they are the source of foods and pharmaceuticals, bananas and Brazil nuts, chocolate, cashews, coffee and cocaine, cortisone and quinine.