edging strip

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edging, 2
1. Edge molding.
2. A plain or molded strip of metal, wood, or other material used to protect edges of a panel or hide the laminations as in plywood or roof sheathing; an edging strip.
3. In concrete finishing, the process of rounding the exposed edges of slabs to reduce the possibility of chipping or spalling.
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You can buy corrugated edging strips in most good garden centres.
As you install the edging strips for paths, place a level across the two sides to make sure you're maintaining an even keel.
For example, when in the process of creating a decorative place mat for a special event a child varies the length of the edging strips, a conversation about the length differences supplies a context for him or her to evaluate the final product in terms of how well he or she likes having full-length, or congruent, edges on some sides and shorter, non-congruent edges on the other sides.
The lawn edging strips that separate different types of bulbs go in next, the soil covering last.
Cut the edging strips to approximately the same length as the oversized plywood and attach with glue and nails (Photo 2).
For the record, there have been minor alterations to the design of the bumpers and lights and the grille is now black, accentuated with chromed edging strips.
To fit edging strips, use Evo-Stick adhesive and glue both edges, leave to dry slightly, then press together.
Bark constituted 15 percent, sawdust 14 percent, and chippable residues such as slabs and edging strips were 14 percent.
For edging, you can either use concrete edging strips, decorative rope edging, or, relatively cheap, a line of bricks cemented along the edge.
There's no better way to clamp wood edging strips to plywood shelves than with pieces of masking tape.