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(cell and molecular biology)



the reworking by an editor of an author’s work for publication or for broadcasting on radio or television. Editing may be political, scholarly, or literary. In practice, however, the editing of new works is a single creative process that aims to perfect the content and form of the work while preserving the author’s individuality. Editing of literary or scholarly works in the preparation of authoritative texts consists of compilation, establishment of a definitive text, and the preparation of reference material.


Sikorskii, N. M. Teoriia i praktika redaktirovaniia. Moscow, 1971.


Making modifications. See edit.
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0 software from Sony Media Software, the resulting performance and quality of high-definition video editing is stunning.
Effective editing occurs on several levels: the complete document (the whole letter, memo, report), parts of the document (sections, subsections, paragraphs), tone (how the message feels to the reader), sentences and words.
Having used the machine in several editing sessions, I was impressed that the edit points were not marked by momentary blips or instability in the picture.
This 4-channel, 16-track digital recording and editing system provides true graphic waveform editing, SMPTE synchronization with chase-lock, and 4 independent digital and analog inputs and outputs.
Working with mitochondrial DNA from the protozoan Leishmania tarentolae, the team has found evidence that some DNA molecules nestled between genes -- and previously considered inactive -- serve as templates for a newly recognized class of small RNA molecules that carry out the editing process.
These free services are expected to be driven by advertising revenue - and by offering customers simple upgrade paths to Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop[R] Elements software, both market leaders in the home digital video and photo editing space.
At NAB 2003, Aspect HD won three different "Best of Show" awards for its innovative and cost-effective solution to the problem of editing high- definition video in real time.
Word To Go - Support for viewing and editing footnotes, endnotes, comments and text boxes has been added.
In addition, it allows photo hobbyists to create dazzling photo projects and master the basics of image editing while easing into more advanced editing techniques as their skills progress.
Previously the company has sold separate server-based products for data-driven document customization, cross-media publishing, interactive online editing of documents, and Web-to-print document customization portals.
0 will support the Canon XL H1 camcorder using new editing modes that will be downloadable from the Canon Web site in June.