educational television

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educational television:

see audiovisual educationaudiovisual education,
educational instruction by means of materials that use the senses of sight and hearing to stimulate and enrich learning experiences. The successful use of motion pictures and other visual aids in the U.S.
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The research found that there is information to suggest that educational television programs, can aid in the achievement of general knowledge plus improve overall mental knowledge among young children.
Rafi Peer is proud of its association with the project and of the quality of children's educational television programming created within Pakistan as a result," the group told the (http://hosted.
Soldiers raided Al-Quds Educational Television, which is part of Al-Quds University and its media campus, and Wattan TV during the same night and seized their broadcast equipment.
The initiative would serve as a train the trainer programme for the young upcoming producers and technicians in the upcoming educational television channel, which the university is going to launch in the near future.
It's based on the world- renowned Sesame Street -- an American educational television series -- and is running on POGO, Cartoon Network and Doordarshan.
The first site dedicated to Palestinian folklore was recently launched by Al Quds Educational Television, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Kentucky Educational Television spokesman Tim Bischoff told The Kentucky Enquirer that College Courses will stop airing after the fall 2008 semester.
In 1969, he became president of National Educational Television in New York, public television's national network at the time.
A Canadian documentary that teaches students about discrimination won the top award Monday in the Japan Prize, an international contest for educational television programs.
Hispanic Achievers program, and the Manatee Educational Television consortium board of directors.
The Federal Communications Commission gave a major impetus to educational television in 1952 when it reserved almost 250 channels for noncommercial, educational use (Smith 1961, 6).
This simply outstanding and highly recommended contribution to family and community library music collections for young listeners was recorded before a live audience in an event sponsored by the Arkansas Educational Television Network where Ezra Idelt and Keith Grimwood were joined by multi-instrumentalist performer and Trout record producer Fred Bogert.

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