ejector pump

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ejector, ejector pump

1.A type of pump for ejecting liquid, as from a sump; induces fluid flow by entraining the liquid in the flow of a stream of air, steam, or water.
2. A cleanout, 1.
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Tenders are invited for Replacement of existing sewage ejector pump and tank.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Rubber Suction Hose, Ejector Pump And Fire Water Driven Turbo Pump
Plumbing, electrical, building) Jackhammer and remove concrete flooring in room adjacent to proposed cell Hand excavate and remove soil for placement of ejector pump Furnish and set ejector pump Re-cement floor Core drill cinderblock wall between pump room and cell Mount toilet and connect waste line to pump system Weld/fabricate new legs for bunk etc.
Work includes approx 1 LS demolition and disposal, clearing & grubbing, paving, pavement striping & signage, sewer line transition manhole and sewage ejector pump station, 2-1/2" PVC waterline & misc piping and valves, power, communications and security systems, landscaping and irrigation system.
Tenders are invited for Medium Expansion Foam Generator, Mayur Type Jumbo Curtain, Water Ejector Pump, PVC Suction Hose for Water Ejector Pump to IOCL Paradip Refinery