elaeagnus pungens

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thorny olive

thorny olive

Shrub that can grow to 24 ft tall (8m) with long thorns that can be 3 inches (8cm) long. Underside of leaves is silver with brown spots. Sweet-scented yellow-white tubular flowers. Edible olive-shaped fruit is reddish with silver scales. Leaves, stems and root used medicinally for asthma, cough, diarrhea, cancer, hemorrhoids, astringent.
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Add colourful shrubs such as Elaeagnus pungens 'Maculata', a bushy evergreen shrub with masses of glossy yellow leaves edged in green.
ELAEAGNUS PUNGENS 'MACULATA' As the late summer borders start to fade, this is when we start to appreciate the evergreen shrubs, the stalwarts who provide the backbone of the garden.
Elaeagnus pungens is a Chinese herb in the Oleaster family with the common name thorny olive or silverthorn.
In vivo evaluation of the antiasthmatic, antitussive and expectorant activities of extract and fractions from Elaeagnus pungens leaf.
And if you want to prolong your scented summer garden into autumn, plant foliage shrubs such as elaeagnus pungens Maculat, which produces fragrant small white flowers.
Elaeagnus pungens Maculata has the most lovely yellow and pale green patterning that intensifies in winter.
For specimen plants or hedges, the variegated forms - both silver and gold - of Elaeagnus pungens are ideal.
If you use broad-leafed plants, bear in mind that thick, leathery foliage lasts longest: Arbutus unedo, Elaeagnus pungens, eucalyptus, hollies, laurels (English and Portugal), Ligustrum japonicum, live oaks, Magnolia grandiflora, photinias, and raphiolepis are good choices.