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By September, we expect to reap the fruits of the infrastructure built for the electric cars and we may begin selling our electrical model in the domestic market of Turkey, Tunalioglu said.
And the inventors are already one further step ahead, working on a model that can operate over water and another electrical model to replace the early petrol version.
And nine-year-old Joe Eaves, from Redditch, proudly drove around the grounds in a miniature yellow electrical model of a Land Rover 90, made by Malvern firm Rebel Replicas.
Once the extraction process is complete the resulting electrical model is produced.
A future GIS project will be to build an electrical model of the network for the corrosion control program.
XtractIM provides package electrical model extraction combined with an intuitive and comprehensive assessment of IC package performance to efficiently identify potential problems.
The electrical model has to be extracted by accounting for all possible interactions within the 3-D package assembly at the field solver level.
The final component is assembled onto a PCB but, at high frequencies, different physical component boundaries don't always equate to good electrical model boundaries.
In addition, test results for both cranking and generation are shown and analyzed, while comparisons with various engine-starting, machine thermal, and electrical model results are analyzed.
This results in an electrical model that faithfully reflects the circuit's physical design and ensures the accuracy of subsequent post-layout simulation and analysis.

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