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NEW DELHI, India -- Reconfirming its commitment to help bring electricity to thousands of people in rural India, GE officially launched its Rural Electrification program for India with a ceremony held yesterday in New Delhi.
Electrification to Swansea as a stand-alone project has a low rate of return.
This report classifies and defines the global vehicle electrification market size in terms of volume and value in the vehicle electrification industry.
The electrification needs putting back on the agenda so that it doesn't stop the development of the north.
In particular, we believe that the implementation of a comprehensive line electrification programme for the North-east is vital to our efforts to improve the area's economic prospects.
Conservative MP Mr Opperman raised the potential electrification of the Tyne Valley line - on which all trains are currently diesel-powered - in parliament at the beginning of September, and met the chairman of the task force late last month.
Electrification of the village has really helped us.
Electrification for the 2004/05 period was 3,231 miles out of 10,014 miles (32%).
The company has operated on both completed phases of electrification to lines in the North West with five others still to be completed
Network Rail's original estimate of PS625m for electrifying the Great Western line from London to Cardiff, Oxford and Newbury was in line with the cost of the East Coast main line electrification in the late 1980s.