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The PC sheet is bonded with adhesive to an electroluminescent phosphor film that is in turn adhesive-bonded to a substrate of aluminum, or other material.
SUMMARY: Durel is sued during trade show for patent infringement involving an electroluminescent phosphor it was displaying for sale in Germany.
The legal action involves a type of small-size electroluminescent phosphor, for which the company received a patent in 1997.
Part 3, the bulk of the book, details methods for electron beam activation of reactions at solid-liquid interfaces, with chapters on modification of fillers for cements, activation of aqueous phase at cement and concrete solidification, activation of reactions at solid-solid interfaces, modification of electroluminescent phosphors, and electron beam modification of polymers.
We feel vindicated as the lower court's finding was based on erroneous rulings," said Robert Fillnow, vice president and general manager of Chemical & Metallurgical Products, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of electroluminescent phosphors.