elevator hoistway

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A passage through which an object may be raised; for example, an elevator shaft.
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Electromechanical safety switches in the elevator hoistway transmit signals to the electronic controller, which then calculates when the elevator cab should slow down, when the cab is level at each floor, and in which direction the cab should move.
An alternative (and arguably a more promising) fire safety plan to pressurizing the elevator hoistway, which I suggest in the paper, is to pressurize the floors and force the smoke to stay in the shaft.
Pressurizing only the elevator hoistways may actually be counterproductive and endanger those trying to escape the fire by means of the stairwells.
All of the mechanical equipment for an MRL fits in the elevator hoistway, eliminating the need for standalone machine and equipment rooms.
Rick Pulling, director of Farmington, CT-based Otis Elevator's high-rise program, explains: "When the heaviest load is moving in the downward direction in an elevator hoistway, [it] generates electricity.
Both the elevator tower and escalators are designed to follow the contours of the north side of the mountain, with the trees camouflaging the elevator hoistway.
Instead of the familiar heavy steel ropes common in today's elevators, Gen2 uses flat, coated steel belts driven by a compact gearless machine mounted directly inside the elevator hoistway instead of requiring a separate machine room above the shaft.
The code also allows for elevator hoistways to be pressurized in lieu of providing enclosed elevator lobbies.