elevator shaft

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A passage through which an object may be raised; for example, an elevator shaft.
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While the regulations cover stairwells and balconies, they do not include the inspection of elevator shafts for safety measures.
5% of the elevator shaft area restrict the flow of smoke through the elevator shafts and tend to inhibit the movement of smoke up the shaft, thereby delivering more smoke to upper floors.
The worker was carrying out the maintenance work on the third floor of the building when the elevator fell and trapped him between the lift and the elevator shaft walls, killing him.
He added that while EAC employees were busy replacing the transformer on Thursday, and while the hospital generators were in operation a number of power cuts occurred and smoke was seen coming from the elevator shaft.
BEIRUT: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
Maintenance is also complicated and expensive because rerouting or replacing cable requires shutting down the entire system and in some cases climbing into the elevator shaft.
This enhances capacity; by eliminating elevator shafts, it also saves on building volume.
In this application, one can simulate the performance of elevator shaft, stairwell, and stairwell vestibule pressurization systems, as well as systems that exhaust from the fire zone.
Moldow describes a project that stopped for six weeks when, upon digging through an 8-inch concrete slab to add an elevator shaft, contractors discovered a second slab (undetected despite due diligence in researching site history).
The two towers, designed by architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, will sport glass fins, illuminated glass elevator shaft, and glass exterior that will appear to change color when viewed from different angles.
For example, when Housing Authority officers found a blind woman at the bottom of an elevator shaft, they originally believed that the woman was murdered.
Attention turned to the movies as a motive, indicating that the students were mimicking Bruce Willis and his outrageous elevator shaft feats in the film Die Hard.