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see diplomatic servicediplomatic service,
organized body of agents maintained by governments to communicate with one another. Origins

Until the 15th cent. any formal communication or negotiation among nations was conducted either by means of ambassadors specially appointed for a
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; extraterritorialityextraterritoriality
or exterritoriality,
privilege of immunity from local law enforcement enjoyed by certain aliens. Although physically present upon the territory of a foreign nation, those aliens possessing extraterritoriality are considered by customary
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a body of diplomatic representatives headed by an ambassador or other diplomatic representative of the first rank. In international relations, extraordinary embassies are sent from one country to another to participate in ceremonies, funerals of heads of state, and other major events. In contemporary international practice, extraordinary embassies are usually called special government delegations.


1. the residence or place of official business of an ambassador
2. an ambassador and his entourage collectively
3. the position, business, or mission of an ambassador
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The out-of cycle request method is extremely popular, since this method allows ambassadors (especially new ambassadors) to set their own HA objectives, allows for reprioritization of projects due to changes in countries' political climates and changing needs, and remedies a problem of high personnel turnover in most embassies.
sanctions or an undesirable political climate HA programs remain the only means by which the United States, through its embassies, conducts engagement activities.
In its stead, it wanted an "Executive Protective Service" at triple the strength--850 officers--with roughly a quarter of the new troops assigned to stake out the embassies around the city.
Kaye estimates that as of March 2004, a third of New York's embassies and missions did not have any insurance coverage in place and about 50% were underinsured due to the unavailability or prohibitory cost of the coverages.
It's impossible to say how many of these attacks utilized information provided by agents inside embassies.
government significantly expanded and accelerated its program to replace many of its embassies with buildings or compounds that provide better protection from terrorist attacks.
These define the building blocks of the individual embassies, but they do more than that.
The Lancaster couple, who spent 18 months in Africa on a church mission from 1994-96, were frequent visitors to both embassies, taking care of visas, updating them and verifying birth certificates for all Mormon missionaries in the area.
The new embassies -- in Abuja, Nigeria; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Yerevan, Armenia -- will include chancery facilities and all typical embassy functions and support facilities within the complexes.
For reasons of grandeur, convenience and security, embassies are prone to occupy large defensible mansions, and the practice's restrained adoption of the model of the eighteenth-century house in Eire, with gardens and stable yard, suggested an ordering and scale which makes the building intelligible while marking the fact of its formal presence in its surroundings.