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an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book



a conventional representation of an abstract concept or idea that makes use of an image of some kind (for example, the dove is the emblem of the peace movement); frequently regarded as a type of allegory. In the narrow sense, an emblem is a symbolic representation usually accompanied by a short motto and a more detailed didactic commentary; it is a pictorial-literary genre characteristic of the culture of mannerism and the baroque. Special collections of emblems that explained, through the use of metaphor, a wide variety of theological, political, and socioethical concepts, enjoyed great popularity from the second half of the 16th century to the 18th century and considerably influenced the literature, fine arts, and decorative art of the era.


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In every other respect, Studies in the Jesuit Emblem bears witness to this scholar's foundational contributions to the field of emblematics.
Wade's analysis of one recurrent motif in particular, that of the rainbow arching over the city, is a subtle and sensitive dissection of how emblematic invention could consolidate civic identity through tendentious typological and iconographical nuances.
Coached by former Cunningham dancer Catherine Kerr, the company quite capably jumped from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, honoring the integrity of this emblematic and touchingly expressive piece, which is comprised of six distinctive duets.
HINDER formed nearly five years ago, touring their Oklahoma turf and beyond as they created a hard earned rep as the kind of fearless road warriors with a penchant for backstage debauchery emblematic of the hard rock creed.
Emblematic paintings from Sweden's age of greatness; Nils Bielke and the Neo-Stoic gallery at Skokloster.
Although he correctly distinguishes emblem from device, he does give accounts, rather lengthily for this context, of the latter's use for such purposes as architecture and festival banners and even finds emblematic elements in Portuguese printers' marks.
Though the question of whether a neighborhood invites residential development or residential development creates a neighborhood is on par with the age old mystery of whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first, Rutter's potential plans are emblematic of the way in which many other owners are loading up on West Side property and poising themselves to realize bold plans.
And the emblematic struggles of Michelangelo's Slaves against captivity and death have their echoes in the deportation of the paternal grandparents and an aunt he never knew, or even the day-to-day struggles of those who survived.
But that's emblematic of the film's overall problem.
The Roman house enjoys enduring respect as an emblematic response to its environment, and the Mediterranean climate in particular.
44, remains almost emblematic for its contrapuntal richness and thematic exuberance.
CoolTime is emblematic of our holistic approach to power," said Sequence president and CEO, Vic Kulkarni.