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an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book



a conventional representation of an abstract concept or idea that makes use of an image of some kind (for example, the dove is the emblem of the peace movement); frequently regarded as a type of allegory. In the narrow sense, an emblem is a symbolic representation usually accompanied by a short motto and a more detailed didactic commentary; it is a pictorial-literary genre characteristic of the culture of mannerism and the baroque. Special collections of emblems that explained, through the use of metaphor, a wide variety of theological, political, and socioethical concepts, enjoyed great popularity from the second half of the 16th century to the 18th century and considerably influenced the literature, fine arts, and decorative art of the era.


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The twelfth of the articles is by Simon McKeown, and deals with Johann Joachim Zeuner's emblematic manuscript for Carl Gustaf Wrangel, the Swedish aristocrat who already has been mentioned as the owner of emblematically embellished partisans.
In every other respect, Studies in the Jesuit Emblem bears witness to this scholar's foundational contributions to the field of emblematics.
Other essays in the volume are concerned less with the political than with emblematic construction.
Knopf), sees Walter Winchell's rise to stardom as emblematic of the shift in America to a new mass culture obsessed with fame, and with both building up and tearing down celebrities through the weapon of gossip.
Contract notice: Design Original Art Audiovisual Lights On The Emblematic Monuments Of The Urban Community Of Puy-En-Velay.
Emblematic Strategies in Contemporary Art; selected papers
In addition to traditional emblematic studies and extensions to objects of material culture, "Emblems in the Twenty-First Century: Materials and Media" focused on the growing importance of emblem digitization as a tool in research on the symbolic meanings of early texts, images, and engraved objects.
What is refreshing about the studies is their concern to go beyond straightforward source hunting for applied emblematic schemes.
Bill Mack, Apollo Real Estate's Founder and Senior Partner, says that this sale is emblematic of the cyclical recovery of New York real estate.
In this sense, the clay model is highly emblematic of our approach to the design process as a whole.
If Pop and Minimalism had become emblematic of modernism's trajectory through the 1960s, the contemporaneous Assemblage movement had long since been dismissed from the list of worthy topics for discussion.