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an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book



a conventional representation of an abstract concept or idea that makes use of an image of some kind (for example, the dove is the emblem of the peace movement); frequently regarded as a type of allegory. In the narrow sense, an emblem is a symbolic representation usually accompanied by a short motto and a more detailed didactic commentary; it is a pictorial-literary genre characteristic of the culture of mannerism and the baroque. Special collections of emblems that explained, through the use of metaphor, a wide variety of theological, political, and socioethical concepts, enjoyed great popularity from the second half of the 16th century to the 18th century and considerably influenced the literature, fine arts, and decorative art of the era.


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78) Wilford Woodruff, touring the British Museum on an evangelizing mission in 1840, emblematically admired the papyrus collection "more .
In the six black-and-white Black Arch (2005) series of prints, Shah isolates definitive Islamic architectural elements such as fret moldings, a courtyard entryway, the tip of a minaret, a distant mosque, but at the same time cropping and foreshortening them in a sea of inky blackness, divesting them of their immediate cultural authority--somewhat emblematically, one suspects, given Shah's status as a Muslim woman in the West.
The soothing, emblematically respectable overlay of classical music that Professor Marcus introduces is another attempt to plaster over the cracks in this society, to conceal the disruptive forces at work beneath its surface, but the music is fake, the situation destined to explode.
In his positive reading of the film, White argues that the "richly mythopoeic and sophisticated" Hulk should be seen in terms of fairy tale, its stylization working emblematically in the service of its thematic concerns with psychological instability and emotional trauma (35).
It began emblematically with the migrations of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--and it has never stopped.
Post" should be read here as referring to extratextual discourse, or the multiple discursive possibilities of narrative discourse, of "rereading (and rewriting) the crucial and always mutually constitutive relationship, emblematically interrogated by Zeno, between the tale and its telling, story and discourse, narrative and narratology" (O'Neill 1994:159160).
Japan has a rich tradition of graphically distinctive family crests emblematically symbolism high court nobility's family names during and after the 12th century.
As the global phase of embedded liberalism entered meltdown in the late 1960s--manifested most emblematically by the stagflation and unemployment of the 1970s "labour and urban social movements through much of the advanced capitalist world appeared to point towards the emergence of a socialist alternative to the social compromise between capital and labour that had grounded capital accumulation so successfully in the post-war period.
The wild flowers and grasses around the tank emblematically protest against modernity, war, industry, and technology.
And his goofy relatives, who include Shohreh Aghdashloo as his loving, materialistic aunt, and Tony Yalda as his drama-queen cousin, come off as its most emblematically typical American family.
I have quoted selectively, of course, but also emblematically.
To be able to explain a natural phenomenon, an earthquake, but at the same time try to use it emblematically to show the way language works in poetry.