emergency power generator

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standby power generator

A packaged unit including a prime mover, electric generator, and associated controls and equipment to provide power if the normal source fails.
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We are the only company servicing all makes and models of emergency power generators across the entire southeastern United States.
01 Prior Information Notices (below OJEU threshold): SPS requires a Contractor to remove the existing A/A1 Generators to remove the existing 750KVa A/A1 back up emergency power generator and replace with new on a like for like basis at HMP Barlinnie including all associated works.
Install a fully adhered 060 pvc membrane roof system by sika-sarnafil or equivalent construct a dormer type roof and snow deflectors above the existing emergency power generator to deflect snow and ice from falling on generator as it comes off the roof.
Tenders are invited for a new emergency power generator system including all related items.
Sheriff Facility: The installation of an exterior pad mounted emergency power generator, associated & matching automatic transfer switch, all conduits, cabling and feeders and all electrical renovations and all other peripheral and associated demolition and new work as described within the Contract Documents and as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
Tenders are invited for Maintenance and Inspections of the Emergency Power Generator Systems.
Tenders are invited for The project consists principally of the replacement of an existing suction lift pump station with a submersible pump station including the replacement of the wet well, approx 600 LF of 4" force main, stationary emergency power generator and other appurtenances.
This engineering services contract is for the design of the projects identified below: effluent pump station upgrade; disinfection system upgrades; emergency power generator system.
This Public Works Contract consists of: Furnishing and installing two (2) emergency power generator systems and automatic transfer switches complete in place and fully operational.
Tenders are invited for installation of emergency power generators at mem- orial and calapooia middle schools along with electrical connections to existing storm water pumps.
Further, as per the company's scope of work, it will include the replacement of emergency power generators for Units 1 and 2 that are part of site safety and infrastructure projects underway, to refurbish the power station.
Since acquiring the property in April 2010, the PBC USA completed a multi-million-dollar capital improvement campaign, which included the redevelopment of a multi-floor lobby and entrance, the upgrade of all the high-rise elevators serving the tower floors, and the installation of new emergency power generators.

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