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see electromotive forceelectromotive force,
abbr. emf, difference in electric potential, or voltage, between the terminals of a source of electricity, e.g., a battery from which no current is being drawn. When current is drawn, the potential difference drops below the emf value.
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(physical chemistry)

electromotive force

The force which causes (or tends to cause) the movement of electricity in a conductor; the difference in potential between the terminals of an electric source.


(1) (Enhanced MetaFile) See Windows metafile.

(2) (ElectroMagnetic Field) An area of electrical or magnetic radiation. See electromagnetic radiation.

(3) (ElectroMotive Force) Electrical energy measured in volts.
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Streptococcus A, worms and Lyme infections, mercury affecting her limbic zone, and EMFs affecting the pineal gland, which regulates sleep.
The Finnish study found no statistically significant correlation between EMF and all types of cancer combined or any individual cancer, except when it then broke the individual cancers down by gender, when it found a correlation to high EMF exposure and nervous system tumors in males.
Because EMFs are invisible, only a detailed EMF site survey can identify the EMF source(s) and evaluate the potential impact on the building and its environment.
Dr John Stather, of Britain's National Radiological Protection Board, said: "Previous studies have found no association between EMFs and miscarriage.
In most offices, there is a serious EMF problem in the space above, below, or adjacent to the main electrical switch gear room and transformer vault," states Vitale.
3) must be carefully protected against inequality of temperature which would set up a thermal emf and cause an error in the measurement.
With the distance from the antenna's vertical axis within the direct visibility (in Kauno street 5) area increasing the EMF power density gradually falls to 2 to 3 [micro]W/[cm.
It seems that opposing sides of the EMF radiation debate has been playing ping-pong for quite a while without knowing the rules.
For non-compliance of EMF standards, a penalty of Rs.
But some studies such as Buschmann and Bornkessel [8], the high frequency EMF gestational exposure at 900 MHz hadn't considerable teratogenic, embryolethal or retarding effects in rat.
The only parameter found significantly different when comparing the mean values of the parameters in different EMF categories was N100 (p < 0.