emission spectrum

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emission spectrum:

see spectrumspectrum,
arrangement or display of light or other form of radiation separated according to wavelength, frequency, energy, or some other property. Beams of charged particles can be separated into a spectrum according to mass in a mass spectrometer (see mass spectrograph).
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emission spectrum

A spectrum formed by emission of electromagnetic radiation by matter. Energy has first to be supplied, either as heat (high temperature) or by some other mechanism such as absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the matter or by impact of electrons. The energy raises the atoms or molecules to higher energy levels. In a simple example, the electron in a hydrogen atom may ‘jump’ from its normal orbit to one farther from the nucleus (see hydrogen spectrum). The emission spectrum of hydrogen, or any other emitting material, is formed by transitions from such excited states to lower energy states, the excess energy appearing in the form of photons with characteristic frequencies.

The emission spectrum therefore consists of a specific pattern of narrow peaks – emission lines – that occur at these frequencies. These lines may be superimposed on a continuum, but not necessarily so. Emission lines can occur in stellar spectra if, for example, the star is surrounded by a hot shell of diffuse gas. They also occur, for example, in the spectra of emission nebulae, the interstellar medium (see molecular-line radio astronomy), and quasars. See also absorption spectrum; excitation.

emission spectrum

[i′mish·ən ‚spek·trəm]
Electromagnetic spectrum produced when radiations from any emitting source, excited by any of various forms of energy, are dispersed.
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In this case, emission spectrum matching between a reference and an analyte becomes extremely important.
In summary, the emission spectrum matching between calibration microbeads and biological cells is extremely important.
In conventional emission spectroscopy, a sample is warmed above ambient temperature until it emits sufficient IR light, and then the emission spectrum is recorded.
An optical fiber (1000-[micro]m thick, Ocean Optics) was vertically placed over the samples to allow the fluorescence emission spectrum to be measured at a 45[degrees] angle to the excitation source.
The excitation wavelength ranged from 300 nm to 520 nm and for each excitation wavelength an emission spectrum was collected for wavelengths between 550 nm and 680 nm.
Washington, April 19 ( ANI ): New observations of the blazar known as PKS 1424+240 showed that it is the most distant known source of very-high-energy gamma rays, but its emission spectrum now appears highly unusual in light of the new data.
Using a model close to this lower limit to calculate the expected absorption of very-high-energy gamma rays from PKS 1424+240, Furniss derived an intrinsic gamma-ray emission spectrum for the blazar.
FRET occurs when two fluorophores are physically very close together, and the emission spectrum of one dye (known as the reporter) very closely matches the excitation spectrum of the second dye (referred to as the quencher).
40), little to no photon emission at the reporter's emission spectrum can be detected.
For just a few seconds prior to and following the onset of totality during solar eclipses, the "flash" emission spectrum of the chromosphere can be detected.
The emission spectrums were taken in the range of 300-900 nm with fixed excitation wavelength of 463 nm for each sample.
The patent pending Spectral Optimization Wizard in SoftMax Pro software reduces the assay set up time by more than 50% with simultaneous scanning of excitation and emission spectrums.

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