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The Japanese word for emoticons (smileys, happy faces, etc.) used in messaging (e-mail, texting, chat, tweets, etc.). Meaning "picture letter" (e + moji) and pronounced "emma-gee" (Japanese) or "e-mo-gee" (English), users can download a huge variety of emoji symbols for mobile and desktop applications. However, emojis have not always rendered the same between platforms (see last example below).

Emoji, Emoticons and Unicode
Emojis started out in Japan while "emoticons" evolved from the "smiley face" text :-) of the 1980s. Both "emoji" and "emoticon" terms are used synonymously, and both use the Unicode character set. See emoticon and Unicode.

Insert an Emoji
Adding an emoji to a text message from Emoji+, LLC's iPhone app is one click away.

An Endless Variety
These icons from www.getemoji.com are a tiny sample of available symbols.

Not Always an Exact Science
Although increasingly compatible, Emoji icons do not always render the same.
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Just as Google, Kika Tech is staying on top of things and quickly launches Emoji Plus, the first application that enables Android users to receive and send latest Apple-style emojis on Samsung devices.
In light of this, Durex today launches a worldwide campaign to call for an official safe sex emoji to be created by the company behind emojis (Unicode).
The face with tears of joy icon was the most widely used emoji in the world this year, research by Oxford University Press and mobile business technology firm SwiftKey found.
While travel photos are always fun to take and share, we thought adding a special touch like travel stamps, emoji, city & points of interest badges, and personal messages to the photos made sharing them with friends and family even more special," says Neon Room owner James Kyriakou.
Georgina Lowery, manager of Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Merseyside, said: "We are delighted that Arran and Beau are the inspirations behind the greyhound and Jack Russell terrier Dogs Trust emoji.
has taken all this time for Apple to go ahead with the inclusion of the emoji
So much meaning can be communicated with a single emoji," Lukin said, "and we've been able to tap into that by using emojis to share our message of seeing the world with openness and curiosity.
British online banking system, Intelligent Environments, has announced a plan to use a new emoji pass code system.
Sheridan Smith did little to dispel rumours of an imminent wedding this week, with a cheeky tweet about meeting her in-laws - along with a bride emoji.
There are generic Texas-themed emoji on the way, but they won't do the trick.
Her picture inspired the most memes online with her striking headgear replaced with the flame emoji.