empirical formula

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empirical formula:

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in chemistry, an expression showing the chemical composition of a compound. Formulas of compounds are used in writing the equations (see chemical equations) that represent chemical reactions. Compounds are combinations in fixed proportions of the chemical elements.
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empirical formula

[em′pirṁəṁkəl ′fȯrṁmyəṁlə]
A chemical formula that indicates the composition of a compound in terms of the relative numbers and kinds of atoms in the simplest ratio; for example, the empirical formula for fluorobenzene is C6H5F.
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The effects of different turning parameters on cutting force, surface roughness, chip form and tool wear of ultrahigh strength steel were experimentally investigated, and the empirical formula of the cutting force and surface roughness Ra were obtained.
1] of the first vehicle in a 3-vehicle platoon can be determined using Equation (7) and the empirical formula in Figure 11, similar to the way it was determined for the first vehicle in a 2-vehicle platoon.
Caption: Figure 4: Comparison of diffusion coefficient measurements and predictions by empirical formula (OPC).
Data on elemental analysis, H/C relation, empirical formula and WFEA of asphaltenes and CRA Castilla crude oil Sample Mass Element content (%) (mg) N H C S O CRA 2.
The results of the pest risk index method and empirical formula method were in substantial agreement.
cap], and the relative empirical formula can be obtained using the interpolation method as mentioned in [10].
Several empirical formula have been developed to calculate the global and diffuse solar radiation using various parameters (Ahmad Firoz and Ulfat.
It is described by the empirical formula (Janciauskas, Venskus 1999):
In some ways, it's actually harder than a formula that predicts runs, because, with the empirical formula, you can compare your estimate to actual runs and tweak it until you get it as accurate as you can.
Each monograph includes information on nonproprietary names, synonyms, chemical name and Chemical Abstracts Service registry number, empirical formula and molecular weight, structural formula, functional category, applications in pharmaceutical formulation or technology, description, pharmacopoeial specifications, typical properties, stability and storage conditions, incompatibilities, method of manufacture, safety, handling precautions, regulatory status, related substances, specific and general references, and date of revision.

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